Make Your Own Survival Primers


Maybe some of you have seen this before, some haven't. I figured it's worth posting here for informational purposes.

This is a process whereby you can reload centerfire primers using strike on box matches and a few simple tools. It's completely impractical for everyday use and really not very safe overall, but if you found yourself in a situation where you needed primers and had no other option, you may find this information useful. This guy does a great job explaining things and is very thorough up to and including testing in a G19.

This guy, known as the "King of Random" on YouTube has some of the most interesting stuff - experiments, useful tricks, etc. He shows you how to make rocket fuel for model rockets. He shows you how to make smoke bombs/grenades. He does all sorts of stuff.

The first video is how to reload primers. The second video is just for fun, but it uses the same material to make explosive dots you could attach to a target to have fun if you're shooting bb/pellet guns, etc.

And for fun:



Good to know, thanks! ...and YIKES! ...Not in my shop, for sure. Least ways not until I have a Halon fire suppression system installed (LOL!).

All kinds of uses though, one which pops into my mind would be for use as a "reasonably safe" non lethal outer perimeter early warning system when used with mouse traps if SHTF. Cheaper/easier/safer than using rat traps & large rifle/shotgun primers.
Matchheads take advantage of a peculiar incompatibility between sulfur, phosphorus, and potassium chlorate to do what they do. This is quite similar to Armstrong's Mixture, which is the material used in cap-gun-caps, which is just red phosphorus and potassium chlorate, sometimes with a bit of ground glass and gum arabic added to make it stick.

There is another compound out there, I can't remember the nomenclature on it (my notebook is at the office) however it's a mix of strictly red phosphorus and barium peroxide, and was used successfully for loading US military ammunition during the 1930's. For reference, barium carbonate was once used extensively as rat poison, and the direct route to the peroxide is offered by heating the compound to above 900F while pumping air through it.

Most of the modern push has been towards DDNP derivatives, in most cases getting away from any metals in the priming compound. (most NMNC primers are lead styphnate based, with various heavy metal oxidizers) there's still a lot of work going into proving the length of time and storage conditions these primers will be good for. I've done a bit of experimentation on the subject, and the main issue I'm having is sensitivity. Most of my experimentation has been with copper acetylide, which has many of the desirable ignition characteristics, but none of the shock sensitivity it needs, despite what the literature says.

Excellent extreme situation information and thank you. This will dove tail in with home made everything except boxer brass 7.62x39 Black Powder hand loads. Amazing what might work in the AK47. Especially 100 years from now after the big fall. Book research. Yikes! :(


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