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Not sure that I can help you learn much more.
A friend of mine has one and it shoots great.
Also a plus it dosen't seem to prefer any one magazine over another. East - Bloc surplus or "cheapie" aftermarket magazines all feed fine.
Ha did install a XS sight systems front and rear sight and boy did that make a big difference for our "old" eyes.
I have nice one milled would like to learn more...
If you are thinking about un-neutering, then you need to play the BATFink game of having the requisite number of US made parts. It's easy to sort that out.


They are the best AK variant out there,in my opinion.
Ive had 5-compared to all the other AKs I've had,I'd take a milled MAK over ANY of them,including the Arsenal.
As for stocks,anything will fit if you file it down.Doesnt take much work,just make sure you really like it before modifying, so you aren't destroying surplus parts for the rest of us:rolleyes:
Let Freedom Ring
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