Other than magazines, what spare parts do you keep on hand to keep a member of the M1 carbine family (e.g., M1, M2, M3, post-war commercial derivatives, et al.) running? Any you've found unnecessary?

Thanks for sharing. :)
Spare barrel band and spring. Spare piston, piston nut, and wrench. Spare rod and spring. Maybe a spare carrier/charging handle.
Most of these are for when you need to finally do a deep down clean, and find some broken parts (or break something yourself).
I would double or triple these if you have an M2.
Now a days I try hard to stay away from them. At one time I had a very, Very, VERY bad adiction to everything M1 Carbine.
I've had two M1 Carbines (Inland and Winchester) and both had bolt assembly problems. One had an extractor shear and the other had a bolt shear off behind the lug. I've also had a couple of old and brittle springs snap in half. So yeah.. bolts, extractors, and springs is my vote.

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