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M&P 9 Shield

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by renfield, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. renfield

    renfield Portland Active Member

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    So there seem to be a few people not only gouging on AR's but also the apparently elusive m&p 9 shield. These guns retail at $420 and they appear on here for $600+ or offered in trade for a much higher end firearm. I picked one up at Fisherman's a few weeks ago for $420, that is what it is worth if you bought it to make a few busk off your fellow shooters you are an A_Hole. End of message.
  2. hawksfan503

    hawksfan503 federal way Member

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  3. robbijer

    robbijer Salem Oregon Member

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    No kidding, While I am not in the market for one, I know a couple of people who are, but refuse to buy a "used" gun for $150-$200 more. More of them are hitting the market, I doubt it will be long before resellers start to get stuck with them.
  4. Glock23gp

    Glock23gp Newport / Salem Active Member

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    They are showing up on store shelves more frequently as S&W has focused all production on their Shield line. I was blown away to see a 9mm and. 40 on the shelf at Fred Meyers last night. Talk about a triple take lol.
  5. Mikej

    Mikej Portland Gold Supporter Gold Supporter 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    NW Armory was at the Sportsmans Show at the EXPO and they had a lone Shield in .40 for $399.00. I'm sure the gun sold before the day was out....Two days later S&W Shield .40 shows up on NWFA for....You guessed it, $600.00 from a member that joined in Feb with 2 or something posts. Sad thing is, it was sold or something pretty quick.
  6. stmcelroy

    stmcelroy Madras, OR Well-Known Member

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    It's not just here, they run from $500-600 on just about every forum on the internet.

    Like I said in the past, don't pay high prices and the prices will come down. We are our own worst enemies.

    Heck there is a guy on Armslist in Oregon with a WTB ad for a Glock 21 Gen 4, he's willing to pay $800.:paranoid:
  7. Gunfan

    Gunfan Vancouver Member

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    Agreed. I have all the handguns I want (at present.) When prices come down, I'll look for some others. May God punish those that are "gouging" shooters preparing to defend themselves and their families.

  8. civilian75

    civilian75 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    I recently got one at a pretty decent price, considering the times.

    Before taking it to the range, I cleaned the factory gunk and properly lubricated it. I proceeded to dry fire it ~ 100 times to make sure I catch any issues before I go to the range and expedite trigger break in a bit. Not that it really needed it. It is something i do to my new handguns.

    Although I did not test it for accuracy, it did the job.

    Fired about 150ea 115gr Rem UMC, ~10ea 147gr JHP of unknown mfg (range pickups), ~50ea Fed Eagle 147gr FMR, ~ 20ea hot handloaded 147gr Plated RN, and five 100gr PowrBalls: Zero failures.

    Severely limp-wristed about 5-6 rounds on purpose, to try to make if fail to eject or to load. Loosely held the gun with thumb and middle finger. Could not do more because it was too painful (slide bites) and severely twisted my wrist: zero failures!

    I started carrying it with a supertuck knockoff. Very comfortable, and conceals great with botht the 7 and 8-rnd mags.

    I am very happy with the purchase. nuff said.
  9. fishorgolf

    fishorgolf Portland Oregon Member

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    2000 rounds later and I still like my Sheild, shoots like new and is a easy carry.
  10. PuddleMonkey

    PuddleMonkey Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    Brightwater had one today at closing, little over $400. They seem to be popping up everywhere lately, unfortunately. The M&P9c is a better gun kids, and if you're concerned with carry there's better options by S&W, they're called revolvers.
  11. Major Payne

    Major Payne PNW Active Member

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    I love my shield