M-1 Carbine SOLD 12/26/2012

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    Sold pending reciept of funds on 12/26/2012

    M1 Carbine II.jpg M1 Carbine.jpg I bought this Carbine at the West Palm Beach Gun Show in 1970 or 1971. It was covered in cosmoline, as were the wrapped, 14 new fifteen round magazines I got with it, & it appeared to be unfired. Two quarts of Hoppies #9 later my wife and I shot two mags full of ammo thru it, cleaned and greased it thoroughly, and it's been in the bottom of our cedar chest since. It comes with the 14 mags (one has a bit of blue flaking & wear on the sides showing), plus one used 30 round mag I got somewhere, the original web sling, an original (also new looking) stock 2 mag pouch (marked Boyt '43), 100 rounds of Remington 110gr SP, 60 rounds of Federal 110gr SP, all in boxes, and 480 rounds of WW ball in Zip Loc bags, (640 toal) all clean shiny new, a cushioned slilcone gun sack, and a US Army Field Manual. I am by no means knowledgable regarding Carbines, but was told that it was either unissued or an arsenal rebuild (by someone who sounded like he knew what he was talking about (?). The bolt shows a bit of shiny metal fore and aft on the round part where it rubs on the reciever, as does the receiver where the slide handle rubbed when I fired it. Other than that there doesn't seem to be any apparent wear. The bore is bright, shiny new. It does not have a bayonet lug, it does have a "flat bolt", and an adjustable rear sight, which I was told means something (?). Below the rear sight there are the letters "Sag...aw" visable, and below that the serial number. The front of the receiver has: "U.S.Carbine" and below that "Cal. 30 M1". The bbl shows no visable wear. It is has "Underwood" stamped (which I'm told is correct), and below that is "12 43". Below that is a round circle with what appears to be a leaf on top of if. Further down is a "P". The bolt and the operating handle have the last four numerals of the seriel number on them.
    I never thought I would sell this, but must cover some family medical bills that the VA doesn't. My price for the whole package is, I'm told, a very fair $1275.00 considering the rarity of a carbine in this condition and the value of all the ammunition, magazines, accessories. Until it becomes illegal I will meet a legal (Oregon resident,non-felon) buyer part way from the Southern Oregon Coast.
    I read a report from the Associated Press on 12/24 that stated that legislation is being prepared for introduction in Congress in January that will prohibit person to person sales, even between within state residents and family members, without going thru an "enhanced background investigation", including a medical exam, and all transfers must go through an FFL Dealer. Also it said that anything semi-automatic, (magazine fed) will be on the chopping block. I am not a licensed dealer, so no paperwork is required for legal purchaser in Oregon at the present.

    Thank you.

    Proud to be a U.S.Marine (Retired), and a Life Member of the NRA.

    M1 Carbine II.jpg

    M1 Carbine.jpg
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    VERY fair price, might be worth quite a bit more. Someone needs to jump on this bit of history. I would buy it in a heartbeat, but I a recovering addict with these little carbines.
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    Pm sent.

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