Looking for Good .243 Hunting Rifle

Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by JimBob, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. JimBob

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    Looking for good condition .243 hunting rifle. My budget is $300 to $500, depending on w/o scope. Savage 110 w/leopold vxII would be ideal. Will consider possible trade/part trade for Rem 870 Express magnium 20 ga.

    History, if anyne cares to read it....
    I am hoping to talk my father into going antelope hunting with me this year. He finally retired 5 years ago, but so far has spent all of that time caring for my mother who was teminally ill. Mercifully, my mother passed last month and I need to find something for him to look forward to. He is the typical "cranky olde man" who would be content sitting on the front porch and yelling at kids as they skate past. I'm hoping to find a little more productive hobby for him.
  2. MCKilo 3/5

    MCKilo 3/5
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    Sorry for your loss.
    I've got a Black & SS Ruger .243 WSM with scope, custom trigger work done and soft case.
    See my ad in rifle section.
    Good luck hunting with your Dad.
    Semper Fi,

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