Looking for a place to shoot 500 - 600 yards near Tillamook or out past Estacada.

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    My wife recently bought me a new Rem 700 in .300 WM and I'm really getting an itch to shoot it. I've tried to find some decent spots out in Tillamook and I'm not a big fan of Browns Camp or along the Wilson River. So if anyone could possibly help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. I always clean up after myself and am safety conscious about others. Any help would be great!
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    45°45’11.23N 123°53’30.50W (Look this up on Google Earth)
    Nehalem Quarry Road, 2.3 miles from Hwy 101 in Nehalem, off of N.F. Nehalem River Road
    At the first intersection take the left...if the gate is unlocked.
    Follow to the next gate...if locked, park your vehicle so it doesn't block others. Walk in about 100 yards. You'll get about 300 yards of shooting from the beginning of the open space (east end) to the beginning of the rock pit at the West end. I had it all marked out with huge nails, but they are all covered now. Keep your ears open for dirt bikers that may be coming from the west after a day of playing up above. If you don't want to walk in at the second gate, take one of the roads that goes up the hill to your right. Find the worker and ask if you can shoot in one of the pits up there. If you are polite, they will tell you which one to use. PACK OUT ALL YOUR TRASH. Be safe:thumbup:

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