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Discussion in 'Parts & Accessories Wanted' started by JimBob, Dec 3, 2009.

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    It has been several months since I posted this "want". I am attempting to build a Left Handed AR Varmint Rifle (squirrel killer), but I am having a real hard time finding the upper components I need locally.:(

    I currently have a new lower with trigger group and handle and a Leo Mk4 optic. What I still need the rest of the parts to complete the lower as well as the complete upper assembly. I am open to any small caliber, but would prefer it to be 24" heavy barrel. I would appreciate any leads you can offer (Yes, I know about Stag).:thumbup:

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    well Jimbob pretty much your only other option is to go will DPMS finding these parts on a used market is not going to be easy even on the national boards. there are a couple guys that sell DPMS parts at the gun shows like Roy whos sells DPMS parts he may stock one i asked him about one some months ago and he did say he will occasionally order a couple when they are in stock with DPMS

    your best bet is with stag they do sell left handed longer barrel uppers but if your wanting to build your own with other options DPMS will be the way to go as you can interchange with most other brands on the market

    i took a DPMS left handed upper receiver and bolt and opened the bolt to work with 7.62x25 then installed a 7.62x25 barrel i think it may be or may have been the left handed 7.62x25 in existence shoots up the cheap surplus ammo with a little more punch than a 9

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