WTT WA Kuzach Primal Tracker.

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    7B8E9627-E65D-47E1-B83A-E6CF8DECF3D6.jpeg 6EA4BBD1-7CBC-487A-BE4C-554404183B66.jpeg 02413227-425F-4A3E-BC8A-29C64D68B6B3.jpeg 736D1DE8-CD35-42FD-9A90-EC3007C62ECB.jpeg ;)Looking to trade my Primal tracker, D2 tool steel, beast of a knife.dont think these are made anymore. Full tang, synthetic wood grip, will trade for a nice combat/ survival knife, or a Benchmade, Spyderco flipper. I’d value trade around 120 ish. Text me to reach me quicker. 3607918707
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