Kimber Custom TLE 2

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by alfakennybabe, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Kimber custom tle 2 - 2 Kimber mags, 1 Wilson Combat mag, Just shy of 200 rounds (regular target and a box of Hornady self defense, though I'd have to check my stockpile), Galco gun leather shoulder holster system, crimson trace lasergrips, meprolight night sights. All paperwork and original hard case included. It's in great shape, never failed to fire. I can always send more photos.

    MIAMI CLASSIC SHOULDER SYSTEM: Holsters & Ammo Carriers: Shoulder Holster Systems at Galco - I believe this is the holster. If not, it's incredibly close.

    Really not sure on price. Let's say $1100 OBO and go from there. I'm interested in cash (have a vacation to pay off) or high-end 9mm, perhaps a P226 or the like. image.jpg image[1].jpg


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