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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by twoclones, Nov 6, 2011.

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    My 16 year old daughter, an avid hand gunner, is currently in a private boarding school in Denmark. {family tradition thing} While there she has intrigued the Danish boys with her knowledge of guns as well her NRA magazines and YouTube videos of her shooting her own pistols, revolvers and rifles...

    So, in what I expect was an attempt to ambush her, the English teacher {a gun hater} asked my daughter to give a talk about guns. Poor teacher had no idea the kid is a Life member of the NRA and Second Amendment Foundation, Appleseed participant, and knows the difference between Rights and privileges.

    This morning she told me she talked about her own guns, my guns, shooting, the Second Amendment, and that the teacher looked like she was going to faint on hearing Doctors kill more people than guns. LOL Then the teacher asked, "Why on earth does your father own an AK-47?" answer: "Because he can and he is awsome." :laugh:

    After I stopped laughing tears of joy, I asked if she wanted her own AK-47 for Christmas. Of course she does... Now I'm shopping :)

    One of her shooting videos:
    Shooting my Ruger Mark III .22 Long Rifle Pistol - YouTube
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    Great story. Please post a video of her shooting that when she gets it.

    You need to get another one too. The teacher would have an angina attack if she found out you owned not one, but multiples.

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    :thumbup: It doesn't get any better than that! :thumbup:
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    Not only smart but she can shoot too!

    Good job pops.
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    I love it!

  6. drew

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    That's a great answer.
  7. Mark W.

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    One of my hunting buddies introduced his 12 year old daughter. A 7th grader at St Marys (Valley Catholic) in Beaverton to hunting a few years back. She had her very own T/C carbine in 7mm-08. Her dad sat her on a lawn chair over looking a small grass field on the farm we were all hunting that year. Well as luck would have while two of us watched from about 300 yards away she sat reading a book. All the while the largest Blacktail buck I have ever seen walked towards her acros the grass field. She didn't move. The guy I was with wanted badly to take the shot. But the angle was just not safe. As the buck approched her to within 30 yards she let go of the book raised and cocked her rifle and shot all within a second or two. The round hit the buck on the skin below its chin and exited at the base of the skull removing about the first 4" on the bucks back bone.

    It hit the ground like it was dropped from a helio. She stayed sitting for the time it took us to walk to her. Her dad came running from a different direction having heard the shot. She asked her dad for the knife and I talked her though the field dressing while her dad took photos and the other guy with us helped hold the buck in position.

    After field dressing the buck weighed in at 220lbs on the farms grain scales. As I said it was huge. a nice symetrical 4 point.

    As they were getting ready to hang the deer and such I ran the film down to the local 1 hour and had them make up a bunch of 5X7's (before digital was popular) She then took these photos to school the next day where the field dressing photos made two of the boys in her class get ill and had the girls all a tither that a GIRL had killed a buck when none of the boys even hunted. Needless to say she was the talk of the school that week. I am told. She was the only student in the 7th grade who hunted.

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