Kershaw blades, two Offsets, one Black Leek, one Silver Leek

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    I'm looking to sell some from my humble personal collection to help pay for my trip to SHOT Show. Any support will be much appreciated!

    1: First up actually belongs to my dad. First year production Kershaw Offset with black blade. This is a big knife and it was purchased at the factory sale last month. He grabbed it sort of on impulse but has decided he'd rather have something else.

    I had one of the employees sharpen it as well as check it over for damage/issues. He said it was GTG. I can refinish the grips/scales to your liking for an additional $35, as well. Sorry, no box and it is marked with xxxx on the right side under the part number and has never been carried outside the house. Asking $140.

    2: Second is my Kershaw Offset with silver blade. Also first year production and unbelievably sharp! I couldn't stand the anodizing on the scales so I removed, blasted and sprayed them, along with the other internal metal parts(not the springs) with Norrell's Flat Black Moly Resin. The belt/pocket clip has been done in Norrell's Flat Grey to match the blade. The black is REALLY flat. I liken it to Hot Rod/Primer Black.

    This is xxxx marked and has never been carried. Asking $155.
    2: IMG_9777-2.jpg

    3 & 4:Last are two Kershaw Leeks. These are not xxxx marked and were not purchased at a factory sale or at a gun show. I cannot seem to find the boxes but they have never been carried out of the house. The black one is not serrated and the silver is serrated.

    I have a bunch of these and can't keep them all. Asking $35 each, or $65 for both.

    Prices include shipping if you're not in the Vancouver/PDX area. I'll be at my shop on Columbia Monday and Tuesday and available to meet up after about 6:30pm those days and after 7pm Wed-Friday.

    Thank you. Mike 503.819.6166 :thumbup:

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