Kent, WA - Poker Shoot for the USO 4-1-2012

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    On September 22nd, the members of set out on a project to help the U.S.O. We decided on building an AR-15 out of completely donated parts and $$. A few short months later and she is done.

    We present to you, the USO Rifle.
    Rifle is cerakoted in OD Green; Rock River lower with DPMS LPK, DPMS 1:9 Barrel w/ custom Gas Block, Rock River BCG and a full assortment of Magpul furniture. More parts may be added between now and the shoot.

    The intent of this build was to raffle or sell it when it was done, and donate the proceeds to the USO. As this build has evolved, we have come up with a great way to give you a 'shot' at WINNING this rifle. You just need to ask yourself...."Are You Feeling Lucky?"

    USO Poker Shoot
    Here is how it works:
    For $10 you get a ticket/receipt redeemable for a target with 52 playing cards on it (design in progress) and one free card that you pick from a face down mess of cards (you can use this in your hand or not). You then have 5 shots with a .22LR pistol to make the best hand possible by shooting at the cards you want to make your hand. The best hand WINS the USO Rifle. In the event of a tie, there will be a shoot off showing skill and marksmanship to decide the winner.

    How Do I Participate?
    Simple. Currently, the rifle is being stored at Countyline Shooting Sports in McKenna, WA. You can buy tickets there, or purchase online by emailing We are limiting this to 400 targets at this time. Additional targets may be available at the shoot, but no guarantees. You can buy as many "targets" as you wish though, $10/ea.

    The Time and Location:
    The shoot will be hosted at Champion Arms, in Kent WA, on Sunday April 1st 2012 from 10am-3pm. This will give shooters a large time frame in which to show up, shoot the target and check out Champions great facility. The winner will be known at 3pm that day and will be announced online shortly after.

    Here are the rules:
    1) The Firearm: All shots will be made with a .22 pistol, open sights, unsupported and at a distance to be determined (as fair, yet challenging). .22 pistols and ammo will be provided free of charge or you can bring your own. All pistols must be .22LR, 8" or less barrel with open sights (no scope, no red-dot, no laser). Ammo.22LR, bring whatever your gun feeds well (edited on 12/13 - no shotshells).
    2) You do NOT need to be there to win. In the event that you are not there, or that you cannot attend, your target can be shot at by an un-biased shooter on your behalf.
    3) All participants must be legally allowed to posses, own and operate a firearm.
    4) Winner of the USO Rifle must be eligible to own a firearm and agrees to the standard paperwork as required by an FFL.
    5) WaGuns reserves the right to modify these rules as suggestions may present itself that will further benefit the cause and the event.
    6) Shortly after the end of the Shoot Out, will present a check made out to the USO with the proceeds of this event.

    We are hoping to have additional prizes available at the shoot that will be used as door prizes, 2nd place, worst shooter etc etc. You may not miss the rifle, but that doesn't mean you have to leave empty handed! would like to thank the following people for helping make this dream build a reality:
    Chris and crew @ Countyline Shooting Sports
    Don @ Foothills Firearms
    Jeff @ Guardian Tactical
    Greg @ K&E Arms
    Bill and Nick at Champion Arms
    All of the awesome members and supporters at, SGN, NWFA and SNW for making this build happen!

    An example of the target is here:

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