Keltec PMR30 vs. Ruger SR 22?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by dirty6882bird, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. dirty6882bird


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    I want to get something my girlfriend can shoot that has low recoil. Im looking at two options and was wondering if anyone has had the chance to compare the two.

    Keltec PMR30 vs. Ruger SR 22?
  2. accessbob

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    You'll probably have quicker access to the Ruger than the KelTec as I believe the PMR30 is backordered as they had stopped production while working out some issues. But that's what I've heard. I've not shot either so I can't speak to any of that.
  3. billyinfinity

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    I own a SR22 and highly recommend it. I posted my thoughts on the SR22 in another recent thread here:

    I've not fired the Keltec but as the above poster mentioned, I know they halted production of the PMR30 last year due to some issues with it keyholing (the rate of twist not stabilizing the bullet in flight). I have no idea if they've continued production, however if you are looking at a particular PMR30, I would check to see if they have fixed the issue and started producing them again, and if they have, verify that the one you are looking at is either new production or has been factory repaired. Just my two cents.
  4. unklekippy

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    The SR22 is a fine pistol. I can't wait to get a PMR30, but I have been saying that for over 2 years now. The SR22 is available everywhere and is a wonderful pistol. Also, don't forget that Ruger is donating $1 from each gun sold to the NRA. They expect to hit $1.2 million! Kip
  5. CatCow

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    Seems an odd comparison. 22 Magnum ammo will be much more expensive than 22LR, nevermind the difficulty in finding a newer Kel-Tec model. I haven't handled an SR22, but the pictures give me pause - looks too much like a Walther P22 to me. And I would want to wait a while and see how durable they are, the tendency to pot metal and plastic 22's has left a bad taste in my mouth(see reports on cracked slides on the P22 and other brands as well). Don't count out other 22LR handguns, including revolvers. And don't forget some of the nicer ones out there, like the Ruger Mark I/II/III series. I have a 22/45 and it is an excellent rimfire handgun once you figure out the dis/re-assembly method, and there are plenty of other 22LR's out there that are excellent. I would definitely avoid the Walther P22(slide problems) or Sig Mosquito(mine has a TERRIBLE DA trigger pull, similar materials and construction to the P22 and other cheap 22's) though.
  6. biggie24420

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    The Kel-Tec is hard to find and ammo for it is more expensive so I would go with the SR22. On the SR22 you can change grips too and she might like that also.

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