Jan 4th and 5th

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  1. ma96782

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    Vancouver, WA
    Clark Co. Fairgrounds
    See Collectors West > Home site

    Portland, OR
    Portland Expo Center
    See Wes Knodel's site

    *Vancouver or Portland? For me it's a toss up.


    As always.........

    Feel free to post your comments about this show. And, post information on your favorite show(s) that I may have missed for these dates.

    I have no financial interest in any show.

    Aloha, Mark
  2. Ironbar

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    Here, do this:

    Calculate the amount of money it would cost you to attend a Collectors West gun show at either location. You know the drill, parking fees, entrance fees, gas, food, time, etc. Now go to the bank, get that amount of money in cash bills and flush it down your toilet.

    Either way you'll be down the exact same amount of money and will have gotten nothing out of it.
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  3. Dallas Ken

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    Plus no break-ins of your vehicle...............Of course you will miss out on all the non-gun related things to look at.
  4. ripcity

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    I enjoy being able to look at so many different things at the same time. Don't enjoy the non gun related items though. I don't ever calculate gas or food. If I buy a gun at a store I would have to drive there. I have to eat, so that is not counted either. I eat before I go to the show. For parking I usually go with one or two others so it's only 2-3 bucks. Bi mart gets me in for 8 bucks. I don't think 10-11 bucks will kill me so it's fun.
  5. Joe Link

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    This is my take on it as well. Spending a couple hours checking out all those guns in one place is entertainment for me. If I happen to buy something, that's a bonus.
  6. TOVO

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    I plan on stopping by to check it out

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  7. The Heretic

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    Gun shows put dealers and private sellers all in one place.

    You can compare prices.

    You can see their goods without driving around to all the different gun stores all over the two or more states that dealers and some private sellers come from.

    Sometimes you see stuff that you didn't know was on the market, actually on dealers shelves - like I didn't know that Tavors are actually out there now - shipping to three different dealers in the area.

    Sometimes a private seller has some interesting or rare things to sell that no one else has and you might never see again.

    Maybe three times a year I like to go to the three day shows.

    I don't like it when table holders start to pack up their goods three hours before the end of the show, while there are still plenty of people in the show.
  8. Spray-n-pray

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    Sometimes you come across a nice FTF deal at the Vancouver show. Works out real well for us Washington residents. Suck it, Oregon!
  9. eldbillbo

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    I sure miss the pre measure 5 days in oregon when the expo shows were the best in the west actually i think it was considered one the best in the country they would always rent out the big building. It was packed private sellers that certain dealers hated cause it took business from them.

    back then say you passed away now you wife or kids had to liquidate that gun collection of yours well thats pretty hard to do they either take to a dealer and get pennies on the dollar or take several months of trying to sell them. Back then they could set up a table no hassle at the expo they could price the guns compared to others there and Get a lot more than a dealer would give them but offer buyers a better deal for quicker sale .

    trades going left and right .

    I am so sorry so many here never got to experience the pre measure 5 gun shows they were so full of good deals and hard to find parts no beanie babies or airsoft or junk. They were so exciting .

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