Irony... people protesting cops need to be saved by cops

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by 808hondacrguy, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. salmonriverjohn

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    Gotta love it!
    Half the ba$tards only protest because the others are, they think "ya, down with man" and follow like little lemmings, that is up until the time their confronted with the reality that not all of us agree.
    When confronted with those who are truly willing to fight for their convictions all of the sudden it doesn't seem like it was so important?
    Little punk arse britches:mad:
    I'd love buy those bikers a beer!
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  2. Jamie6.5

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    Just like the "anarchists" in Eugene a few years back. One of them jumped atop some guy's car during the traffic jam they caused, denting the hood etc.
    So the driver gets out with a tire iron to have a talk with the punk.
    Punk runs away and hides behind a cop yelling about how he needs protection.

    Both are perfect examples of the fact that we've failed (and our school system has failed) to teach our kids about the consequences that result from sh^tty life decisions.
    And that those consequences are real.
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  3. AndyinEverson

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    Protest all you want.
    But when you burn the U.S. flag , you are burning the very symbol of what gives you the right to protest.
    Also , at least to me , if a protester burns a flag , whatever message they want to get across is lost in their action of burning the flag.
    By all means protest , and carry the flag properly and respectfully while doing so.
    But never use the U.S. flag as a means to "further" or convey whatever message you are trying to say.
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  4. jbett98

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    If these maroons get their way and all of the NYC cops are removed from the streets, what do they think will happen.
    Those bikers will be the least of their problems.
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