So, this idea of a shorty, bolt-gun, with a can keeps coming back up. Original plan was to invest in a CZ, filing the paper work, cutting and adapting said to the silencer. With all this talk of estúpido laws concerning threading, I'm thinking of cutting to the chase with an integral. (At least whilst in the state of my birth; I've spent a large part of this day moving the gears on a homestead much farther south, but I digress.)

Anyone make a:

  • Integrally suppressed .223 Remington / 5.56㎜ NATO bolt gun.
  • 5-10 shot magazine capacity. Detachable would be best.
  • With wood stock. (I can't stand plastic or whatever other synthetic stuff.)
  • Drilled and tapped for glass.
Thanks all.
suppressed weapon systems.

I’ve glanced at their integral ruger ranch a couple of times myself.


They make other stuff too.

Expensive though.
You could always go for a “pistol” bolt action too and add a traditional silencer to keep overall length down.
Sounds interesting but what for?

Remember that you’re potentially firing a bullet at three times the speed of sound. You’re not going to get as much bang from the barrel, but the bullet isn’t going to be a secret by any means. If you’re going to be shooting varmints all day with neighbors around it might help.

Not confronting but interested in the why?
Regardless of whether it's supersonic or subsonic, suppressors make shooting much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Quite so. I know I like running the Mini-14 and SBRed (10½" barrel) AR-15 with the can. The latter is much more pleasant shoot suppressed and it is a very handy, ultra light little setup. Unsurpressed, it is a noisy, concussive little brute. Neither are noiseless, of course, but less loud so equipped. (There are neighbors somewhat within earshot, though that isn't a huge concern, and will likely be less so on the migration south.)

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