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    Sent: Thursday, June 2, 2016 9:22 AM
    Subject: [Practiscore] 2016 Idaho IDPA - 2015 Idaho State IDPA Championship

    Fellow shooters, start your engines! Er, your internet browsers and get ready to register for the 2016 Idaho IDPA State Championship. This will be our 12th annual event and we can’t wait for it. Kevin Campbell will be the MD and is looking to put on a fantastic show with the help of the Parma and Nampa IDPA shooters.

    The theme will be, Gone in 60 Seconds, a car theme. Look for high speed shootouts, car chases, and hot women on every stage.
    The match will be on September 10th with staff shooting on the 9th. Setup will be the 8th. For those shooting the local USPSA match you can shoot on Friday with the staff. Entry fee will be $100 and everyone will get a t-shirt and a great lunch.

    We are working on a prize table, if it gains some traction we will go forward with it and announce it at that time.

    We are running a Level 2 match, if we can get enough staff we will get a level 3 status.

    Help Needed
    We are asking for Certified SOs and CSOs for match staff. If you are local or out of state and want to SO the match we would love to have the help, we can’t have too much help. We will comp your match fee and have some other items for the staff.

    Please share the registration link and mark your calendars. It will be a blast.
    2016 Idaho IDPA Championship (

    IDPA level II match, with the following divisions:

    IDPA - Welcome! (

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