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    I guess I need to tell you I am new.... How ever it's more like used or even worn out, just passing threw this old world.

    I'm retired from the fire service, doing just about every job in the service wit the last 28 years as Fire Chief. I also worked as a Diesel Mechanic on heavy Equipment and Trucks I also drove OTR . I spent a total of. 6 years in the Army Infantry as a gunner and just about anything else and another 9 in National Guard as a combat medic which I loved doing.

    Today in our Country I find that I am labeled as a domestic terrorist because I don't agree with the way the country is being run, I am a Combat Veteran, I own a gun and. I believe in the Constitution and I Believe in God ! I never give up my Faith, my Honor, our Country as Founded nor my Gun !
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    Welcome Aboard! Thanks for your service.

    Brutus Out

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