How to modify Uzi mag's?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by veloracer01, Nov 9, 2009.

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    Hopefully some of you folks can help me out with this. I am building up a 9mm AR rifle. Its a Rock River platform which takes from what I am told modified Uzi mag's. Two questions on this: 1. How/What do you need to do to modify an uzi mag to work in this setup. 2. Will Colt style mags work here instead of modified Uzi mags. I'm seeing C-Products Colt style mags for nearly the same price as Uzi mags...unless someone has a great place to find modified Uzi mags other than

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    The Colt style mags ARE modified Uzi mags, or at least the same design with the different feed lips. I have seen the mods it takes (not much) but can't remember where. I played it safe and went with what I KNEW would work, MetalForm mags. I guess if you wanted cheap mags you could buy a CProducts or Metalform mag and then modify the Uzi Mags using the other mag as a template.

    You could also buy these.:winkkiss:

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