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    We have raised 5 pigs this summer, 80% of their feed has been an organic hog grower from buxton feed company and the rest has been made up from the produce that was damaged or not fit to be sold collected from a vegetable store.

    Pigs have been raised very well with lots of space, they have spent their lives in fields and wooded areas and will be ready at the end of October first couple of weeks in November depending on how the weight gain goes.

    I thought I would post up here just in case there was any interest for some good quality meat to trade for a rifle/shotgun/handgun/ammo(shotgun/45)/Reloading gear/silver/ or if it comes to it sell for cash.

    If anyone is interested in nutrient dense homegrown pork just give me a message through here and I will get back to you. We are in Oregon City to anyone that is wondering.

    Also feel free to contact me if you want any information about raising pigs/meat chickens/ turkeys and ducks as we have tried a bit of everything this year and would be happy to help anyone who is looking to start themselves

    Price will roughly be $2 a pound plus a kill and butcher fee, depending on if you want a whole/ half. Smaller packages of 10lbs will be sold at $50 which can be made up of any combination of chops/ ribs/bacon to equal 10lbs

    pigs 1.jpg

    pigs 1.jpg

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