Hk P30 LEM V3 (Pictures) [SOLD]

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    We have a particular family member that has recently been diagnosed with Cancer and requires a bone marrow transfusion. Her husband elected to force an early expiration upon himself after the diagnosis leaving her alone with her children and without insurance. I have volunteered to to sell some of my firearms to raise money for her transfusion.

    At any rate...

    Hk P30 LEM V3 (9mm)

    -1000 rnds down the pipe
    -Batman grips
    -Bobbed hammer
    -V3 LEM trigger (nice trigger)
    -11.5 lb DA (you will never feel this unless a primer does not pop)
    -4.5 lb SA
    -Hk Hostile Environment finish
    -Corrosion proof fiber-reinforced polymer reciever
    -Ambidextrous slide release
    -Ambidextrous magazine release
    -Hk luminous contrast sights (chargable)

    -2 factory Hk 15 rnd magazines
    -3 sets of Batman grips
    -Grip tool
    -Birth certificate
    -Blackhawk magazine pouch

    The P30 runs...not like a Swiss watch. Like a German time piece.
    If you put combined a USP and P2000 you would end up with a P30.

    My kit is very well taken care of. I clean all of my firearms with brass spear tipped jags, cotton, and brass bore brushes. You will not find any flaws in the bore etc. The last person I sold a firearm to thought he was looking down a polygonal mirror. I will happily break down the weapon for you so that you may verify the alleged condition.

    Would prefer to glance at your WADL and CPL.

    Asking $850.

    Will entertain reasonalbe offers.








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