Hey guys, I just noticed that the front sight on my HK USP 45 is not centered on the slide. I bought it brand new in sealed box (before they opened it in front of me at the store) and have shot it several times. It's been a while and I have several guns, but I remember it being very accurate.

My question is - is it normal? I assume since it shoots dead on that it was adjusted like that at the factory. Thoughts? Thanks!
I have had a few guns over the years where either the front or rear sight is just slightly off to one side...

I owned two P99s, a P99c and a SW99. The factory rear sight on all four were just a bit off to one side - they all were dead on accurate.

It happens... A Ruger P95 I once owned DID have the rear sight off, and the gun did shoot 2-3 inches off to the right. But, I got that fixed.

As long as the gun shoots where ya want it to, then don't worry about it.

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