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    Prior service green side corpsman here. Actually in the reserve now.
    Fell in love with my M4 during service and I plan on building a few ar15's.

    I have never owned a firearm before but my dad owned 3-6 rifles at any one point during my childhood.

    I feel a sense of urgency to start my build as I feel the new government will try to make doing so at a later date very hard.

    Look in the classified forums, I am looking for 2 stripped lower receivers to start my build.
    I want to buy privately also; because a) No hassle with FFL and shipping and b) As OFF.org put it "Every time a "registered" gun is privately sold, that means one less gun in the confiscation database, and one more reason why the gun grabbers should worry that their dreams can never come true. A private gun purchase is a patriotic step toward securing freedom."

    To put together a work of art only to have it confiscated! I couldn't imagine.
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    Welcome to NWFA ;)

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