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I've been shooting since I was 8 and bought my 1st rifle when I was 10.
I'm a proud Cherokee combat veteran. I spent 15 years as a sniper. The truly amazing teammate whose work is often overlooked is the Spotter. Without their work, no sniper can succeed at his job well. My 1st spotter and I were brothers from other mothers.
After I separated from government service I became a private investigator and bodyguard, or in the professional designation, a personal protection specialist. I carried a Colt Combat Commander in a Bianchi shoulder holster under my left arm. I always shot well with any 1911 platform gun. I had even won a few shooting tournaments with my Colt Gold Cup. They're fantastic firearms, after a good armorer or gunsmith
has had their way with them, LOL!
The M1911A1 is still my favorite handgun platform and my other handgun selections support that idea.
The gun I'm most happy to own is my inherited FN Herstal Mauser 98k chambered in 30-06. That's the rifle my Cherokee grandfather taught me long distance shooting with beginning when I turned 10. He had bought it out of a barrel of other Mauser rifles that had been turned into "Sporting Rifles" for the American market. He definitely picked a fine specimen. My gunsmith says the rifling in the barrel is still great. The tolerances on the action are as good, or better than anything produced today.
Last year my lovely wife gifted me a Sig Sauer BDX 2.0 scope system for my long range rifle. She's a keeper that wife of mine.
Oh, here's a quick tip for all of you guys in your relationships; there's 2 theories to arguing with women. Neither work 😕.
Will Rogers said that a very long time ago and, he's not wrong!
Well, that's enough about me. I'm looking forward to seeing what other folks are like here before I agree to sink any money into this experience.
Welcome Aboard. Glad you found the forum.

This is the best place to hang out on the internet.

I know that you're not in the Oregon/ Washington area but we've found the best way to meet the community and learn where and how to use public lands responsibly is through grass roots involvement.

If there isn't a local group that advocates for responsible stewardship of public lands, check out Trash No Land.

Take a break. Afterall, it's Sunday.


Aloha, Mark

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