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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by skrot, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Hi everyone. Im just a hill billy living on my land in the woods. Now the kids are grown the wife gave the green light so I'd like to start looking into hand guns. Ive got my rifles but Id like to pick up somthing to start learning with. Any suggestions?. Ive never owned one but ive shot a few and im interested in a 380 or 9mm possible. Im retired from the construction with degenarative disc so once I feel comfortable and get to know my weapon, hit a class or two, I will probly look into concealed carry for security since my back leaves me little choice. I dont take it lightly though, Ill admit I need to learn abunch Im sure but got to start sometime somewhere so I signed up. other than that it's 4x4, atv, vw baja fun. alittle hunting, dont do much since back issues, fishing in my pond and probly my biggest hobby "Scale built" r/c trucks and scale crawling.its very addictive. the coast range is basically out my front door so no need to drive to browns camp..unless you wanna ride there on your quad which we can., and good times with family.theres usually a gathering each weekend it seems. see you in the forum...probly with a few questions.
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    Welcome to the Forum !
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    Howdy, hillbilly. Welcome to the forum. You'll get plenty of opinions if you start a thread in the 'handgun discussion' forum.
    To start you off, though, I'd recommend at least a 9 mm. Not to put down the .380, but there are plenty of nines out there that match your desire for concealment and function. I recommend a longer barrel to help with recoil, and a shorter grip to help with concealment. Go to a few gun shows and fondle the goods. Pick one that feels comfortable to you. You have to enjoy shooting it, because it's important that you do shoot it.
    Welcome to the boards! Good luck! Have a Happy New Year!

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