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    Hello, my name is joey and i'm from wilsonville. I just started buying firearms. Bought my First ruger 22 a little less than a year ago, and now i have 4 guns. I think im addicted:bananadance: I mainly target shoot on public forest land.(where its legal and safe.) I drive around in my jeep and try to find new places. I shoot anywhere from browns camp to goat mountain or up scotts mills. I always pack out more than i bring it. ( I HATE SEEING TRASH!!!!! ruin the beauty of the forest) I am fairly young but i have a fiancee and a son that i take shooting with me.

    My plans: practice, practice, practice, hunter ed class, practice, meet new people, and go hunting someday.

    Thank you!
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    Welcome to the forum! And thank you for being a good steward of our forest. Guys that leave piles of trash at popular shooting sites will get them closed. Gary
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