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    As a new member I am very happy to be accepted to site and look fwd to viewing site, threads, forums and classifieds'. I just purchased a couple new handguns while I could find them in the past month. The current trend on purchases is really something to view, even though those that have been active with purchases, shooting, hunting and reloading are paying the price if they weren't already stocked.

    I currently review the new Savage .17 Super Mag due out in next couple months and I will be looking to pre-purchase the new Win .17 Super Mag ammo. Unbelievable FPS for the caliber size. Would appreciate any heads up for any availability with the rifle and/or ammo.

    Thank you
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    Welcome fellow NRA member,

    I have a Savage .17 and it is a blast to shoot. Have heard good things about the Super Mag. I buy all my .17 ammo at Bi-mart but don't know about the Super Mag.

    What handguns did you buy?

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