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Buster Beaver Cerakote
I live in Clark County and have been shooting virtually all of my 63 years. I've given up hunting and now focus my attention on small-bore plinking. My wife is also a shooter (That explains, in part, why we've managed to stay married for 43 years!)
I just bought her a Ruger Mark 3 22/45. I shoot a Browning Buckmark. I'm trying to find her a nice used Ruger 10/22 with iron sights. I bought a used Ruger mini-14 (stainless) with a Hogue stock, original stock, 30 Rd. Ruger mag.(blue), a 20 Rd. Ruger mag.(blue) and the 5 Rd. hunting mag. in blue.
I want to sell it (would like to get $500 and a used 10/22.)
Anyway, that's the short introduction.
All the best to you folks and hope to hear from some of you "Old Corps" Jarheads!
Welcome. If you're trying to sell/trade something, try the classifieds here. You'll probably get some offers.
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