Taken directly from the OFF notification received this morning:


House Bill 4147 will be voted on in the House as early as tomorrow.

As you know, this bill is one more incremental attack on gun owners and another slap in the face to the most vulnerable Oregonians. Rest assured, it is simply a stepping stone for more regulations and restrictions that the anti-gun majority in the Oregon Legislature have promised.

The deciding vote to pass this bill out of committee was cast by Chair Jeff Barker, who in the past has been a supporter of gun rights. Not only was he the deciding vote to move the bill to the full House for a vote, he was the deciding vote against an amendment that would have provided a small degree of protection to the victims of domestic violence.

Please, if you have not already done so, use the automailer at the bottom of this alert to tell legislators to vote "NO" on HB 4147.

And if you already have, please consider doing it again. It is just that important.

You can support Oregon Firearms Federation and help us battle for your rights
here. If you are not already a member, a donation of any amount will make you one. Thank you.

I strongly urge everyone to at least use the automailer function.

Time to bombard the House with emails and calls, we need a show of strength!
I heavily plagiarized Kevin's email he sent to House members, adding my own rants to it....

Dear Representative,

You will shortly have HB 4147 on the floor.

Make no mistake, HB 4147 is another tightening of the screws on gun owners in Oregon. And further violation of the Oregon State Constitution, the United States Constitution and OUR Civil Rights...

The amendment adopted is little more than a smokescreen to make this attack more palatable. Rest assured, very soon the Democrats will be back complaining about the "ten day loophole."

On a party line vote the Democrats voted down an amendment that would have provided a small protection for victims of domestic violence. Their behavior was a disgrace but demonstrated, once again, their true intentions.

Keep in mind who will be most endangered by this legislation. It is not the stereotyped white, male, hillbilly gun owner that Burdick, Williamson and Prozanski like to ridicule. It's the single mom with a worthless "restraining order" who is in fear for her life and trying to access the only tool that might keep her and her kids alive.

I urge you to vote NO on HB 4147.

Remember this same party line vote brought us SB 941, forcing the mandatory background check on person to person sales. Yes, this was promised to help end gun violence in Oregon.... Yet we're embarking on another record year of gang violence in Portland... Who did this impact again?

All SB 941 did was infringe on My Civil Rights and create more work for an underfunded OSP ID Unit... Fund the OSP ID unit rather than attack My Rights! Uphold your sworn oath, protect the Constitution!

We will remember in November!

Sent my e-mail for what good it will do.
Remember SB 941 ? the e-mails sent to them were ten to one against but they passed it anyhow.
Bend over buddy, their coming through again just because they can.
Just got an email from the Democrat gun caucus, the bill was amended today to place a maximum wait of 10 days.
So, that will put Oregonians in step with "progressive" states with a 10 day waiting period. (amendment 8)
So much for an instant background check.

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