SB941 says all transactions must go through a " gun dealer" Unless outlined in 18 923 U. S. C. And ORS 166.436& 438.

03 FFL uses the terms " collector" license vs dealer, thus wherein possible issue lies.

According to USC 18 923( federal law) Paragraph D, collectors are defined as having a "license" SB941 contradicts itself in the wording of the law. By citing USC 18, 923 which includes collectors. Which SB941 omitted from their bill text.

So essence according to SB941 referencing USC 18 923. 03 FFLs are not designated as a " "Transferor" under SB941

There's so much scuttlebutt about this, I had to re-read everything again

As it stands currently, there is nothing stopping you from purchasing with a 03 FFL in my opinion. They cite 18 USC 923 in SB941..

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