Happy Independence Day!

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    As I sit here, bourbon in hand, on my deck, basking in the sights of "the rockets red glare" and the sounds of "the bombs bursting in air", I wanted to take a moment to reflect and appreciate the patriots that stood bravely and proudly one hot July afternoon, and after days of deliberation, signed a document that led many men and women to their graves so that I, some day may sit on my deck, bourbon in hand, basking in their honor and glory.

    A toast to the Founding Fathers, and all that have sacrificed since, and in the future! Hip hip...

    (oh, and today, wish folks a happy independence day, tomorrow wish them a happy fifth of July.

    Did you know that only 78% of Americans know that today we declared independence from the British? And less than 55% know it happened in 1776.
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    hip hip HUZAAH!!!!

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