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Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by stitchclimber, Nov 5, 2013.

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    still kicking around a few ideas on what the next gun purchase will be. Trying to fill a few holes in the collection. Here's a list of what I find myself fondling at gunshops.

    Gun prices are crazy stupid in Missouri Armslist right now... Too much panic going round these parts.

    If you're looking to part with anything on this list shoot me an email, with your asking price (shipped to my FFL in Missouri)

    -Side by side 12g shotgun (hammerless),
    -.357mag or .44mag DA/SA revolver w/ 4"-6" barrel (Taurus or Rossi or something in that price range),
    -Derringer in .45 or 9mm,
    -Kahr PM45,
    -Compact 1911 style .45,
    -No frills .308 hunting rifle,
    -MAC-10, UZI, Tec-9, or any high capacity "assault" style pistol in 9mm,
    -.357 or .44mag snub nosed revolver (Rossi/Taurus price range),
    -Glock style Kel Tec Sub2k in 9mm,
    -Rossi .357 or .44 lever gun,
    -Beater AR15,
    -Beater 870 12g,
    -Beater AK,
    -Beater Glock 9mm,
    -Blem AR lowers and uppers,
    -DOCTOR optic,
    -AOW shotgun,
    -Stubby .308 can,
    -Nano style 9mm can,

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