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So anybody got directions to a good ole gravel pit to shoot with my 2 boys in the Sandy area?:huh:

Maybe since directions can be difficult to relay on a forum, maybe the moderators can start a RELIABLE GPS coordinates thread to locations we all love to shoot at in the great "outdoors"! With reviews from us!

Many guns just sit around gathering dust, due to only knowing of 1 or 2 spots to shoot. This would be awesome for all of us!:s0155:

So here is the first request: someplace in the Sandy/Boring area just off 26

Thanks in advance!


I've never shot here, but it is the closest location to where I live and is up Hwy 26 a few miles just outside of Zig Zag. Here is a link to the thread. I am sure there are several hunters up in the area this time of year.

Also - Memaloose is outside of Estacada and it is a decent place to shoot, but the last time I was there somebody was four wheeling above the gravel pit and it made me think twice about shooting there.
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