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I will sell/trade this [UWSL][UWSL][UWSL][UWSL]IMMACULATE[/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL] Glock 42 either stock with Ameriglo Tritium night sights installed. Or, I will sell this pistol upgraded to the BEST Carry Concealed Weapon possible. That includes the G42 with the [UWSL][UWSL][UWSL]Ameriglo TRITIUM night sights[/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL], a Hogue grip sleeve ( hope you love Purple as much as me but its easily removable ). [UWSL][UWSL][UWSL]5 extra magazines[/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL] . I added a ( removable ) [UWSL][UWSL][UWSL]ClipDraw[/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL] clip which is the least intrusive way to carry a pistol IWB, PERIOD. No more intrusive than the clip on a ballpoint pen. Go to the ClipDraw website if you are not familiar with their product. I have one installed on EVERY IWB I own. I also added a [UWSL][UWSL][UWSL][UWSL]LASERMAX "GripSense" Green Laser/100 Lumen light[/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL] under the barrel. The light is intensely BRIGHT and the laser is [UWSL][UWSL][UWSL][UWSL]GREEN[/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL] which is much more visible during the day than a red laser is. Go to the Lasermax website to read about how the [UWSL][UWSL][UWSL]"GripSense" technology[/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL] works or call me and I can easily explain it and why I chose it. Trust me that I did my homework beforehand !!! The pistol/laser is zeroed in [UWSL][UWSL][UWSL][UWSL]PERFECTLY[/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL] at 12 yards and from a bench rest, it will put 6 shots on the X mark and all bullets touching. Laser and light can operate independently of each other and can also be set to [UWSL][UWSL][UWSL][UWSL]STROBE[/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL] which will totally disorient anybody looking towards it. The pistol has been [UWSL][UWSL][UWSL][UWSL]Ultrasonically Cleaned[/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL], properly gone thru and properly lubed. The pistol has no more than 100 rounds thru it and has never had a misfire or failure to eject.

The price of the stock G42 with the Ameriglo sights is $480 and that includes 3mags

The price of the customized Glock described above is $685 with everything including 5 Glock factory magazines, and the Ameriglo sights and the Lasermax Laser AND it'll include one box of the BEST self defense ammo on the planet, FEDERAL PREMIUM HYDRA-SHOK 90 gn

PM me with any and all questions. FAST response !

Thx for looking,


PS. I added grip tape to both sides of the slide. It helps with racking the slide for me. You might like it and if not, it's EASILY REMOVABLE.

PPS. Have something to trade ? Tell me what you have and what you think its value is. I'm open to Ruger 22 LR Charger, 6 shot snubbie especially a Python, Glock 43X are all of interest to me. I just have too many .380's

20200810_212512.jpg 20200810_212153.jpg View attachment 734174 View attachment 734176 20200810_210641.jpg 20200810_210650.jpg 20200810_210845.jpg 20200810_210324.jpg
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