Glock 33 and S&W 360pd

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    I have two guns I'm looking to trade for something, not sure what I'm looking for.
    Not interested in shotguns or old rifles.

    the prices listed are just what I paid (I know i'm not gonna get what I put into it but am looking for a comparable trade)

    bullets must go with the guns unless bullets get sold separately first, I don't have any other guns in these calibers and don't want bullets just taking up space.

    1. glock 33 357 sig
    500-700 rounds fired Most fired through the barrel in the picture, however I seem to have misplaced this barrel. Still looks new. the gun comes with stock barrel and the crimson trace is not included. for those that don't know you can change the caliber of this gun to either 40 or 9mm just buy buying a barrel (and clip and extractor for 9mm)

    gun 532
    3.5 lb connector 24.99
    3.5 Pound Connector -
    Glock external safety tigger 59.95
    Siderlock Parts siderlock glock user installed manu -
    Hi-Viz front sight green 39.95
    Hi-Viz Front Sights -
    Hi-Viz Rear sight green 51.95
    Hi-Viz Rear Sights -
    skyops holster 76.95
    Galco SkyOps Concealment Holster -
    ankle holster 68.95
    Ankle Lite Holster -
    2 pearce +1 extension on mags
    400 speer ammo 243.92
    Speer Lawman Ammunition 357 Sig 125 Grain Total Metal Jacket Box of 50 - MidwayUSA
    32 extreme shock air freedom rounds 48.05
    Extreme Shock Air Freedom Ammunition 357 Sig 70 Grain Package of 6 - MidwayUSA
    6 extreme shock enhanced penetration rounds 7.89
    Extreme Shock Enhanced Penetration Ammunition 357 Sig 115 Grain Frangible Package of 6 - MidwayUSA
    46 extreme shock copper practice rounds 42.09
    Extreme Shock CT2 Tactical Ammunition 357 Sig 90 Grain Copper Jacketed Polymer Tip Lead-Free Box of 6 - MidwayUSA
    200 reloaded rounds (30cents each) 60
    50 speer 125gr bullets (to reload) 10.50


    360pd sold
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    pm sent

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