Glock 23 conversion barrel .40 to 9mm & mags (lone wolf)

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    I have a Lone Wolf .40 to 9mm barrel low round count under a few hundred in like new condition with original box with (1) 31 rd mag, (2) 10 round metal mags all in 9mm that fit Glock 23 and also have (2) American tactical .40 mags all for sale for 120$
    If you want to see what I have for sale here just send me a text and I will send you picture through my phone.
    Contact me at or text for quick response.
    First I will take it will get it:thumbup:

    No shipping.. You will have to come to me on this one, Will meet at Oregon City Bi-Mart
    Thanks, Canty

    So I see people viewing but haven't heard anything.. so I will break things down a bit, I will sell just the barrel for 95$ .. original sticker price of 109.00$ plus shipping and the hassle of waiting on my end.. you have no hassle and cheaper and is in perfect condition used very little since I got a Glock 19 soon after I got it. I have extra mags so I offered in deal..but if your not wanting them that's okay with me I will keep them
    You might not be wanting mags so I will sell without them.
    I will also sell with one two or more mags at 5$ a piece in addition.
    Option 1.. Barrel (1) 10 rd 100$
    Option 2.. Barrel (2) 10 rd 105$
    Option 3.. Barrel (2) 10 rd & (1) 31 rd 110$
    Option 4.. Barrel (2) 10 rd (1) 31 rd (2) 13 rd .40 for 120$

    But 31 rd is only in bulk buy or I will keep it they work great and only put on here to hook someone up;)
    Also as mentioned above I have picture in phone and can send when requested.. I don't always check here so just give me a text.

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