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Looks like AIM Surplus has police trade ins for $279.95. Just passing it along for anyone who wants a Glock. Cheers. F1GKL22G3NOPDX__15584.1573837724.jpg
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That’s not a horrible thing, even if in 40. Buy a couple. Then a couple of extra mags. A case of hollow point 40 and put them on cold storage somewhere.

Something like that crossed my mind. Backup guns stashed somewhere for whatever. It is, after a Glock, and in viable caliber. However, right now I have a 10-gauge being worked on by Velzey, and I'm waiting for the call on a Lager upper, so have to behave myself.

Oh my. I haven't seen one of those before. Properly DD registered that could be gonzo fun. A 10-gauge has a bore diameter of .775, while the 37㎜ is 1.45". Could throw a lot of lead shot. (teehee)
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