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Glock 19 9mm Compact Pistol (and carrying accessories)

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This is a COMPLETE set to add to your carrying repertoire. I have decided to change to .45ACP and so the holster, magazines, and ammo will have to go.

For sale:

Glock 19
I've only shot 500-600 rounds through it. I bought it brand new from a reputable shop in June, 2009. It has never had a failure and has eaten every kind of ammo I fed it. I have cleaned it thoroughly after after range trip. I also had the slide release button switched out for an extended release so my wife with smaller hands could easily operate it. I will be including all of the factory original set, including the case, the manual, the cable lock/key, and the magazine loader. I paid $540.

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Crimson Trace LG-619
This is indispensable for a firearm you carry to defend yourself. It is zeroed at 10 yards. The box contains the allen wrenches to adjust the aim. I paid $205.

Crossbreed Qwikclip
Crossbreed holsters are the absolutely most comfortable IWB holsters available. The G19 will just fade away as the day passes. You know it is there, concealed and secure, but every edge of the gun is protected from your body. It is tuckable and the cant is adjustable. I paid $65.

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Insight M3X Weapon Light
I clip this onto the tactical rail at night, in case I hear a bump in the night. My support hand's thumb operates it smoothly with momentary flash or constant on. It puts out 125 lumens and is one of the best without having the cost of a $250 Surefire. I paid $135.

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4 magazines
The G19 comes with 2 15-round mags. I bought an extra 15-rounder and also an extra 17-rounder. I also bought a magazine sleeve for the larger mag that extends the grip of a G19 to the depth of a Glock 17. The sleeve can be clearly seen in the Qwikclip photo. For 2 mags and the sleeve, I paid $72.

40 rounds of self-defense ammunition
Magtech is a solid maker of SD ammo. I am including 40 rounds of 124gr JHP in reloadable brass cases. I paid $40.

This entire collection cost me $1057. I will let the entire set go for $895 (down from $950), firm! You not only save $107 (Now you save $162!!), but also the shipping costs for some of these items, the weeks of time to wait for everything to arrive, and the state processing fee (and paperwork). If the cost of the tactical weapon light light is holding you back, I will sell the set without the light for $780 (down from $835), firm!

I will not sell just the G19, yet. I am going to wait for the right buyer. I have no need to rush and would like to sell everything since I will have no use for each individual piece since they are specific to a Glock and a 9mm. Send any offers if you don't want/need the entire set.

I am planning to move into a firearm in the family of M1911A1, in .45 ACP, 5" barrel Government. We can discuss a trade imbalance. I will not even entertain anything other than a 1911 5" Government. I do not require any particular model, but made in the USA is a big plus.

I will only deal with a buyer face to face (FTF), cash. I prefer an Oregon CHL holder. This means a serious, law-abiding citizen. I'm not looking to arm a knucklehead. Depending on distance, we could meet here, there, or in-between. Amount of offer will make a difference.
Last Edited:
If the other fellow talks you out of the laser grip, we might be able to work out something on the G19 and most of the remaining accessories.
Wow, I was away from the computer for 12 hours and now all this interest. Cool.

Somenewguy: Are you suggesting buying the LG-619 (with all the items in the original box, of course) separately? Send me a PM with your offered price. I'm willing to have that discussion.

BlackGunsRFun: (And ain't your screen name the truth!) I'll be in touch when the other fellow gets back to me. Do you want to PM an offered price for the collection WITHOUT the CT? I'd be willing to have a discussion.
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