glock 17 Training gun, Thee best detailed, highest quality model poss/glock PROTO

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    I have aquired a few years back and have even had LEO comment on how the only reason they couldnt tell it from the real deal is that the slide doesn't move nor does the clip extract. The details on everything are perfect, down to serial numbers and other markings. And it does not have a funny red barrel cap. Color is black and would scare the shiZt out of anyone. Ive seen other traing guns that look like blobs and no detail and are rubber or plastic, this entire gun is glock polymer. I just thought i would see if anyone knew anymore about it and might be interested. Let me know on prices, i may have a general idea but let me know. Sorry for not posting a price.
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    Being as this is NOT a firearm, this should be posted here:Non-Firearm Item Classifieds

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