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Glock 17 Airsoft, Training Aid

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Taos NM
Im posting this here because I this is an incredible training aid, not so much a toy. This is an Elite Force/ UmarexUSA licensed by Glock, Gen 4, Glock 17. Powered by Green Gas (Propane). And it has full blowback slide. I researched all the different trigger trainers, and decided on this licensed airsoft replica for these two main reasons:
First, the trigger and ergonomics are identical to an actual Glock.
So now you get inexpensive trigger time that replicates your Glocks trigger, and you get target response to indicate how well you are performing the three fundamentals (sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger controll). Your weapon light will fit and your holster will fit.
Second, it doubles as a “force on force” trainer. Even if you dont have a training partner with an airsoft, you can get them to wear protective equipment and feign attack with a baton while you get the satisfaction of shooting the crap out of them! Its great fun and excellent for adding dynamics and pressure to your training.
Im selling this G17 version to buy a different model that is consistent with my carry piece. I purchased this in July and have not shot it much due to work, so its still like new.
$135 shipped, firm (these run $170 new on eBay)
No trades unless you have a G19x in Green Gas.
Pic with muzzle pointed left shows discoloration on slide, this is just the lubricant on slide picked up by the flash.

B347FD54-8A4F-4FE9-9FEF-3F24B0F0844D.jpeg F32085C4-A6B2-43EA-AEE0-2FFABA8DA7A4.jpeg 453FCEAC-F7A1-4D02-AD9F-5DE255D5F216.jpeg 33CF9C47-FF0A-415B-97BB-270576D89E13.jpeg E13744F3-A105-4A89-A529-2F89D934C3E9.jpeg D9C20DBD-6421-4A3D-9C55-ECA8B1BF0706.jpeg 5A04F302-ABE8-402F-9C28-29326627E0B0.jpeg
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