German Mauser Model 66, in .270 W, sport (not military conversion)

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    Mauser made a number of sporting rifles for the US market during the early 1970's. This is one of them, designated "Model 660", the ones for the home market were the "Model 66S", This is NOT a rechambered or modernised military rifle, nor a more recent upgrade/refit. This one is in remarkably good condition, lightly used and well cared for. NO RUST ANYWHERE, the bluing is still solid and shiney, only a bit of thinning from wear (a gun-bag?) on the edges at muzzle tip and receiver corners, and a bit on the front sight ramp. Bore is very clean with sharp and even rifling. Action of bolt is smooth and even, no slop or visible wear. The gold bead of the front sight was removed, and the whole of the rear sight, when the 3-9 x 50 Barska scope was fitted and boresighted. Scope is in near-new condition, no marks or scrapes in glass or metal.

    The stock is a gorgeous work of walnut, Monte Carlo style with raised cheekpiece, well-chequered pistol grip and forepiece, rosewood caps (set off with white) on both pistol grip and forepiece. Deep gloss finish on stock is in generally excellent condition, with only a few small dings and scrape marks, none more than 3/4 inch long and not deep at all. There are two bruise marks in the finish, neither into the wood at all, one just below the receiver on the right side, the other just where the shooter's index finger crosses to the trigger, behind the trigger guard and high up on the grip.

    now the bad news: for some reason I can't quite fathom, the stock was cut, cleanly and squarely, and rejoined about two inches back of the base of the pistolgrip. Apparently some material was removed, possibly to shorten the pull? But then, WHY not remove the recoil pad, shorten the stock there, and reattach? Who knows.... the wood is very well matched, the grain seems a perfect match, the joint is clean and tight, the finish well repaired. The stock is very solid, and this appears to have been done a long time back. One has to work hard to even feel the joint, and then it is only felt in a few places. Why oh why.... The stock is fitted with sling-posts at forend and bottom of buttstock, non-swivelling type. Total weight of gun with sight, exactly as pictured, is 9.3 pounds. Barrel length is 23", from muzzle end to back of chamber, length of pull is 14" (so not much was taken out of stock.... the mystery, again...) The fixed box magazine holds four rounds.

    Were it not for the crazy bit with the stock being modified, I would rate this firearm at a solid 90%, as every other aspect of it easily supports this rating. However, with the cut stock.....

    I'm looking to get somewhere near $500 for the package, prefer Face-to-Face in Western Washington, but would ship elsewhere (direct if you are in Washington, to FFL Dealer if elsewhere), or consider hand-carrying it to an Oregon FFL Dealer for legal transfer to an Oregon resident. Otherwise, buyer pays actual shipping cost via UPS Ground, zip of origin is 98507. Payment methods accepted are Certified Funds, personal or business check (ten day hold to clear before shipping), or Visa/Mastercard (add 3% to total, payment by phone only as I do not want written card info sent, and do not keep such records here. If I don't have it, no one else can get it, right?) Will ship only to FFL dealer, unless you are a Washington resident, and I can legally ship direct to your address. Copy of your receiving FFL Dealer's license, hand-signed, must be in hand before gun can be shipped. I do not have fax capability here.

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