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    Ceasefire Oregon: We are small but mighty and fiesty
    Help us stay mighty and fiesty by donating today, #GivingTuesday!
    Your donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $5,000!

    Ceasefire Oregon, the Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation, and the new Ceasefire Oregon Gun Violence Prevention PAC are small but mighty non-profit organizations with a big mission: preventing gun violence in Oregon. This Giving Tuesday, we honor our volunteers, members of our three boards, executive director, and community partners who support our mission of public education and strong laws to reduce gun violence.

    A very generous supporter has pledged to match your donations dollar for dollar up to $5,000 so your donation has TWICE the impact right now.

    Our three Ceasefire organizations fight gun violence on three fronts:

    • Education! Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation (COEF) promotes ASK (Asking Saves Kids), educates the public about suicide prevention and hosts gun turn-ins. Donations to COEF are tax-deductible. Click here to donate to COEF.
    • Legislation! Ceasefire Oregon (CO) worked tirelessly to help pass the SB 941, the firearm background check bill and stop all the bad gun bills in 2015! Click here to donate to CO.
    • Elections Matter! Ceasefire Oregon Gun Violence Prevention PAC (COPAC) just launched our Political Action Committee so we can support lawmakers who are serious about ending gun violence. To donate to COPAC, please send your check to Ceasefire Oregon, 7327 SW Barnes Road, #316, Portland, Oregon 97225
    Please help Ceasefire Oregon by generously donating to one (or all!) of our non-profit organizations.

    Any questions? Call Penny at 504-451-3630.

    Thank you for your generous support to end gun violence!

    Anyone ever think these folks are racists? The only time they are active anti-gunners is when white children or white adults get shot? Doesn't seem as if anti-gunners care if black people get shot. Chicago is a stunning example.

    Anyone want to fund them?


    Visit Ceasefire Oregon or Donate today.

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    I would not post this ....why even make them relevant...

    this just adds to the google search hits their favor
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