WTS/WTT OR Fully converted Saiga 5.45x39

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by topgun521, Apr 22, 2016.

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    **Now including 500 rounds 5.45x39 (50/50 mix of silver bear and 7n6) with cash sale or the right trade

    I have a fully converted Saiga AK-74 that ive been babying since I purchased it new in 09. Besides the standard rear conversion i've also had some other work performed for me by Legion USA including the installation of a Russian front sight with a 24x1.5 mm threading as well as a standard 74 brake. The rifle is currently wearing all Magpul Zhukov furniture (as well as a Magpul AFG-2) which I've duracoated to match the brown 74 magazines that I usually run with it. I had to replace the Saiga gas tube with a standard Russian one to allow for the installation of the upper handguard.

    I'd say that the rifle has seen no more than 500 rounds down the tube. Ive always had a larger stockpile of 7.62x39 than 5.45x39 so the 47 gets more range time unfortunately. Everything lines up perfectly--there is no cant in the trunnion or the sights--or anywhere for that matter. Its a straight shooter and Ive rung steel out to 300 yards pretty consistently with the bushnell scope you can see in the pics. The rifle would come with everything pictured as well as six 30 round magazines.

    Mostly looking to see what's out there in trade but if nothing interesting arrives I might consider a cash sale. I'd be looking for $1300. I'm NOT looking for handguns unless they are something very interesting such as the FN 5-7. No antiques or collectibles--I'm a shooter not a collector. Basically, modern fighting rifles are what I'm looking for.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact send me a PM (conversation). Thanksfor taking a look!

    20160421_174210-1.jpg 20160421_173245-1.jpg 20160421_173531-1.jpg 20160421_173217-1.jpg
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    This is the beauty. I miss my 74, AKM didn't do it for me. Too bad this is out of my price range. Good luck with your sale.;)
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