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Got 'em for my brother-in-law's wedding party, never used them again:

Full set of Wilson Irons and Wedge, Good condition

Wilson PowerSource Putter, Practically New

(2) 1 Woods:
Wilson ProStaff Oversize, 10.5* Titanium Face
Dunlop Powerlift 350cc Forged 10* Titanium Matrix
Both Good condition

Tour Precision TX7 South Bay Oversize 3 Wood, Titanium Matrix

Wilson Powersource Midsize 20* 5 Wood,

Both Good Condition

A Blue and Black, GOLFPAK with plenty of pockets and tripod legs, Practically New.

Top-Elite X-Outs 12 Pack, New In Box

(2) Nitro Balata LD + 10 4-Packs, New in Box

And 2 dozen or so random used balls, and a handfull of tee's to finish it off.

$60.00 For it all. Make an offer. Looking for:
Cash or Trade + Cash
Trades in:
9mm, 25 Auto, 7.62x54R, 30-30, 12ga Buckshot .22(low priority)
Same stuff minus .22/25 auto
Ammo boxes
Lead bars

Will take partial sales, but first reasonable offer wins.
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