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free firewood for me!!!!!!!!

I drive a shuttle truck for a mill. At the end of the year company dinner tonight I was offered the ends and pieces of logs and lumber. It gets better! The company will load it into a dump truck that they will provide and then.
Wait for it, it gets even better! I will be paid $35 an hour to deliver to my house. God Bless America.
Nice score all the way around man!
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Saw your other thread on that found lead.. I used to shoot pistol into bull pine rounds and then burn it to recover the lead. Bull pine is incredibly tough, i could pump like 2000 9mm into a little block of it and it'd hold together perfectly.


My firewood is a bit more difficult to obtain.

It comes from the oak tree limbs I cut from trimming. (yeah, I have quite a few old oak trees)

Yep, they're big-uns, but such pruning is kinda fun and helps me get exercise with my 16" Silky Hayuchi Pole saw. I cut a limb down 3 days ago and it probably took 2000 or more strokes to get it down. Then, there was the chain sawing and moving the results to the firewood stacks.

Doing this is kinda like removing a hog leg for some good ham, then call the pig tri-pod.
Might be time to buy some lottery tickets and see if the luck holds up. Congrats, good things do happen to good folks. It's usually not noticed though.
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Way it works for me is people know I have a pickup and chain saw and heat with wood so we'll have winter storm or two and my phone rings asking if I want the wood in the spring. I try to keep 8 cords on hand and all my neighbors know if the powers out for a while they can come by for a hot cuppa, a bowl of something my wife cooked up in the cast iron and a warm up. Heck two weeks ago I came home and one of my neighbors had a hazard tree taken down and had the tree service leave the wood in my wood processing area.


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