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for your injoyment I seen a few of you on this one

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by jjackffrost, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. jjackffrost

    jjackffrost central oregon Active Member

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  2. davef

    davef S.E. pdx Active Member

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    I love how she says that gun extremists were going to crash her town hall meeting. Isnt a town hall meeting supposed to bring together the "town" and every town ive been in has a variety of folks, not just yes men and women. Also why the heck is that newscaster yelling at his audience?
  3. Caveman Jim

    Caveman Jim West of Oly Springer Slayer 2016 Volunteer

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    It's not like back in the 1700's people brought guns to the meetings too, what is wrong with these Democrats??? Why are they so terrified (going to tinkle in their pants) of law abiding gun owners???
    Is it because we (LAGO) have an equal or louder voice in these discussions than them.
    Is it because we have those "Evil Black Rifles" so close to them (in the same room) that it might spark and kill everyone in that room???
    They are so willing to bend over, take it in the endzone (arse) & give up their rights & want to take ours with em, well let me tell ya, IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN FOLKS!!!
    Lets keep up the pressure and give them a fight till the end...
  4. wilsoncj

    wilsoncj Oregon New Member

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    15 likes and 104 dislikes. Beautiful. I love how YouTube demonstrates that the overwhelming majority of people support gun rights. There are tons of biased polls from both sides, and in my opinion almost nothing shows our nationwide majority better than that.
  5. Mikej

    Mikej Portland Gold Supporter Gold Supporter 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    It's terribly disappointing that Burdick can state, on a national new program, that the "Majority" of Oregon gun owners are in favor of the new laws being proposed.......When, in fact, that is NOT the truth. Using pictures from a peaceful pro-2nd Amendment rally at the state capitol and referring to participants with terms such as "Fringe".

    VERY disappointing! Right there are the reasons I can't watch news programs, MSNBC is just as wacked as FOX news is, on the opposite side. It's disgusting that these so-called "News" programs can inject so much emotion into the stories.

  6. wds

    wds eugene Member

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    Where was this guy when "extremest" Where videotaping Palin and her family at her house? I'm sure he had no problem with that.
  7. BigStick

    BigStick Sherwood, OR Well-Known Member

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    Al Sharpton and Ginny Berdick are the extremists, not the law abiding gun owners they are accusing of being radicals. And the public is not with them as they keep saying. She says she is not optomistic if people remain silent? Well, I thought the people were speaking their opinion, which is what they are on there saying they are afraid of? I'm confused, does she want the public to speak up, or not? Oh, only the people that agree with her are allowed to speak up. I get it now...
  8. quesodilla

    quesodilla PDX Active Member

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    I like how she says the people who would have been at the Portland State meeting "Wouldnt have been the normal gun owners". This woman is delusional! She uses an assumption to try and make a point. Any of us that would attend something like that are not there for vioence but to make a supporting statement of the 2A. If what she was saying was true she should have went through with the meeting to reinforce her point that we are bad violent people who want to do bad things with our guns. Wouldnt that have made more sense???