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fnh Pistole Modell 27

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Abe Froman, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Abe Froman

    Abe Froman West of Salem Active Member

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    I need a little help. I am trying to determine the age of this pistol, and whether or not this was a bring or if it was imported, also if this pistol was equipped with a silencer or if it is just missing the barrel bushing. My CZ knowledge is nil, and I am not having a lot of luck searching on the interweb.

    What I know about it:

    Ser. No. 418XXX
    Its blued
    1 It has a Nazi eagle holding a swastika in front of the serial number on the slide
    2 It has a Nazi eagle holding a swastika on the barrel
    3 It has a mark on the right side above the grip on the frame WaA76
    4 It has a mark on the bottom of the barrel WaA76
    5 The grips have no markings on them
    6 There is what looks like an R on the slide next to the barrel

    Any info on this pistol would be greatly appreciated

  2. CEF1959

    CEF1959 Willamette Valley, Oregon New Member

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    Late WWII Nazi pistol produced for the Waffenamt (German Army Weapons Agency) at the CZ factory in Prague, probably around 1944. The Modell 27 was adopted by the Czech military in 1927 and continued in production until after the war. Waa76 is the Third Reich inspection mark for the CZ factory. The eagle-over-swastika stamp is a Nazi military test proof. "fnh" was the German ordinance code for the Prague factory where it was produced. Those obviously date it during the war after German conquest of Czechoslovakia, but before the Russkies kicked them out in 1945. And the serial number suggests late in the war, because they continued to make these post-war, starting with the serial number 476XXX. Any markings on the holster would help further identify it, assuming the holster is original to that pistol, and tell you if the holster is in fact the original issue.

    I think....
  3. Nightshade

    Nightshade vancouver,WA Well-Known Member

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    the only problem i see is the part where you say I think, your pretty right on the money
    very good...
  4. Abe Froman

    Abe Froman West of Salem Active Member

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    There are no factory markings on the holster. The only thing on the holster is the name and address of the person who I was told brought the pistol back from the war. There is also what appears to be another last name that is very faded (possibly the name of the soldier who this was issued to??) both are written on the inside of the holster.