FN Herstal Five-seveN single action autoloading pistol - 5.7x28mm

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    Roseburg area, Oregon

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    Pistol lovers of Southern Oregon, tired of heading north to Salem and beyond to purchase firearms? How about some nice firearms from my collection in the Roseburg area? I have a beautiful LNIB FN Five-seveN (5.7 x 28 mm) with three 20-round magazines, cleaning kit, and other associated stuff that it came with, in the FN case, mounted with a Nebo Protec elite hp230 tactical light and 570 rounds of ammo. Never fired until I finally decided to see if all that I had read was true – low recoil, quickly back on target, easy and fun to shoot – so I took it out twice and put 130 rounds through it. No problems whatsoever, easy to takedown and easy to clean. A very impressive pistol, to say the least. This is the pistol that Congress has tried to ban at least three times, to no avail thus far. Not a mark on it, adjustable rear sight, with lots of ammo so it is all set to go. New price is around $1,120 for just the pistol. My cost on the ammo is $325 and the light is listed at $60. Total value (new) for everything is right at $1,500. Purchase my setup for $1,225, no background check or state fee – of course FTF, ID and a bill of sale. Call Ken at 541-863-6465, or PM, located in Myrtle Creek.
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