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    FM M95 Hi-Power. I bought this on an impulse not too long ago. Took it apart, inspected it, put 50 rounds through it without any problems and cleaned it. Argentine FM Hi-Powers are Browning/FN licensed copies and are 100% compatible when it comes to parts. It's in decent condition; not abused, but not pristine.
    Not in any rush to get rid of it, but there are other guns that I would like to trade it for. Not really looking to sell, but $450 would be enough take it away from me.

    I'm mostly interested in getting a lower-end 1911 like RIA/Armscor (preferably a compact size and with a beavertail), Ruger and S&W revolvers, S&W older metal-framed semiautos, Gen 2 or 3 Glocks in 9mm, .40, or .45. Rossi .357 lever rifle. Might be interested in other offers for things not listed, so feel free to make one.


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